Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Heard the sad news today that Realms of Fantasy is shutting down. It was a beautiful market that always published rich stories and stunning illustrations, but a lot of print magazines are struggling at the moment. The hope is that short fiction markets are migrating to online, and while there do seem to be more online markets springing up, I do still sometimes worry about the future of short fiction. Hearing many of my friends in SF talk, though, I gather many have worried for decades, so perhaps this isn't all that new.

With all my exhaustion, I haven't kept my short stories circulating to markets. They're all in now, and I'll get them out again once I'm able to rebound a little. The baby's still putting pressure on my chest, though I've found out that if I lay down on the futon, while it's folded up as a couch, this is the most comfortable position. The mattress slants just enough to relieve the pressure. I spent most of last night there and actually got a bunch of 40 minute spells of sleep. Today my ribs are sore, thanks to someone poking at them from the inside. I'm lucky, though, this is the first point at which the pregnancy's gotten uncomfortable, while I know some people are in agony right from the get-go. All of my discomforts are little ones too, from shortness of breath to some joint soreness, to trying to figure out how to drink enough water to not be thirsty without flooding my squished stomach and getting nauseated. I good read lets me ignore a lot of these.

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