Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Grateful we didn't cause a heart attack

I never blog about where I'm going before I leave town. Seems like a bad idea to advertise to the world that my house is going to be unoccupied. Now that we're back though, I can blog.

The original plan this weekend was to go to a wedding in Utah so that we could meet up with Trevor's parents and give them the chance to see our son. Trevor's mother has had some serious health issues and can't travel far. Last week we learned that she wouldn't be able to travel to Utah, even.

So we did what any rational people would do, we decided to drive from the wedding in Utah to my in-laws' house in northern Wyoming, thus adding about 20 hours of driving to the trip... with a newborn. Our son is very mellow, though, and handled it well. We didn't tell his grandmother we were coming, though we did tell his grandfather. He and the rest of Trevor's siblings and aunts and uncles helped us by lying to Trevor's mother about our whereabouts, so that when we arrived at her home, she was talking on the phone to us, thinking we were in New Mexico. Imagine her shock when Trevor walked in the front door with our son in his arms.

We stayed for a day, during which our son got thoroughly hugged and cuddled. He's the only grandchild that my parents-in-law hadn't yet met. It was truly amazing to see how loved he was right from the outset. I really got lucky in the in-laws department.

We've only just now returned to our home. All of this is my excuse for not getting that story out to Char.... (Hope it suffices, Char!) The nice thing about coming home is that our house is all clean, all the major work staging it is done. This week I can return to putting more hours into writing and doing some scrapbooking, and, of course, hugging my son!

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