Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Call Me Widget

I know, I know, I haven't even responded to comments. Sorry! The Bateman baby is adorable (surprise, surprise) and her parents are doing great. I'm now looking after my husband, who had surgery today to open his airway. This weekend is MileHiCon, and I'll be there on some panels and such, and then many various and sundry Mahs will be in the Denver area for a mini-family reunion. My life has suddenly become very busy and exciting (not normal for me, lol.)

Anyway, I should explain the title of this post. You can call me "widget" if you want, but I probably won't answer. Nor am I demanding that someone named Widget give me a call (I'd have used a comma for that). I'm referring to the new widget I put on this page, at the bottom of the righthand column. That is, indeed, a call me widget. If you click it, you'll be connected to my phone for free (though if you are using a cell, you'll still be charged for airtime.) Feel free to use it if you want to get in touch with me. If I don't answer and you go to voicemail, said voicemail will be transcribed and emailed to me, and then I will either answer you in a timely manner or give you a very good excuse, I promise. When we move to London, this widget will connect to our North American voicemailbox.

All of this is courtesy of Google Voice, Check it out; it's a free service!


  1. All the best wishes for your husband during his recoveray!

  2. Thanks, Melanie! Sorry to not reply to your last comment earlier. I can't torment you for writing slowly - that'd be the ultimate hypocrisy :-)