Sunday, October 11, 2009

Colorado Bound

One odd but nice thing about not being a homeowner, I can announce my trips on my blog. Before, it was a public announcement that my home would be vacant, now it's just me getting out of my dear parents' hair for a while.

Fellow writer and Clarion West grad Michael Batemen and his wife welcomed a new baby earlier this month, and I get to go see her! I'll be heading up to help out with all the mundane chores that people welcoming babies into the world shouldn't be doing, like vacuuming and cooking, etc. along with shouldering part of the baby caring load - whatever they need to get rested and have some time to themselves. My son is a very mellow baby, so this shouldn't be a total disaster (though if it is, I have other friends in the area I'll recruit to make it work).

My sister and her husband and baby have been in town all weekend, and so I'll actually caravan up to the Denver area with them. I expect I'll be up there from tomorrow on through MileHi Con, which is the weekend after next - longer if I'm needed, but by then the Batemans will have other family in town.

During this time, I may not be blogging much, and my dragons might need some extra visits and love. If you are a dear friend and have a major event happen that I miss in the next couple of weeks, please do email and forgive me for being out of touch for a while.

But yes, I will keep writing. This is why I write on a netbook; I carry it everywhere so that I can jot down lines in little snippets of time that I can spare. And, for all you fans of Michael Bateman, yes, I will consider tormenting him if he isn't writing - once he's rested up again.


  1. Have fun, keep writing, and don't worry about the dragons! :-)

  2. Thanks Melanie! Hope you're writing too (I've been known to torment talented writers who aren't writing ;-)

  3. *hangs head* Well, a few weeks ago, I finished a fanfic novella that I've been working on for a year, but since then, I haven't really done anything. I feel as though all my creativity has shriveled up and died. Just this evening, though, I'm doing a few paragraphs for the LDS Publisher's Writer's Prompt. Maybe that will help. Feel free to torment me, though!

  4. Emily, I'm running a contest on my blog if you want to check it out. Leave a comment if you want to enter!

  5. Melanie - I know this feeling of having your creativity shrivel up and die. I wish I could tell you a fast way out of that, but what I do is write total crap for weeks on end until I get past it. Rather a painful process - I can send it to you for torment, next time I hit a patch like that, lol.

    And thanks, Karen. As you can see, I've been absent from online quite a while. It'll be a few more days until I'm back at my computer.