Monday, December 14, 2009

On the road and still property searching

I blogged a post from the Denver Airport, then lost my wifi signal and also lost the post. Oh well. I've been traveling since last Thursday, first to visit my friend, Smythe, in Delaware, and now to visit family up in New York/New Jersey. Smythe's real name isn't Smythe, but she was given that nickname at the United World College of the Atlantic, which we both attended from '93-'95. I don't really know the story behind the nickname, though, because we didn't become friends until the last two weeks of our time there. Something about a book character with a similar name, something, something. (So my storytelling abilities are stymied by this...) It is always wonderful to see her. Ten years ago she was a Brit studying in London. Now she is married to a Texan and living in Delaware. Odd how times change, but wonderful how the friendship endures (if I did anything to blow it this time, I haven't yet heard about it.)

While I travel, Rightmove is emailing me new apartment (flat) listings every day. I add those that meet our criteria onto a list of saved properties on the site, and not a single one of those has moved in the last week. Hope that bodes well for us getting a place we can afford!

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