Thursday, December 17, 2009

Visas approved (and we're home again)

I got home late last night to the news that our UK visas are approved and on their way. That's one major obstacle dealt with. It took us longer than we expected to get all the paperwork in order because we first found out that the most recent forms are not linked to from the UK Border Agency website. We had to dig through some links in the Imperial site to get to the forms. Once we filled those out, we learned that we actually needed to apply via an email form, so we filled all the same stuff out again. We had to get paperwork we didn't expect to need, like transcripts from MIT for Trevor, but once we had all that together we overnighted the materials to the consulate in LA and just got word via email that our passports with visas in them are on their way back to us.

Most of yesterday I spent traveling home from New York. My son and I had two flights, one to Chicago Midway and a connection to Albuquerque. Since the layover in Chicago was three hours long, I had time to write my 2000 words sitting on the floor in a low traffic area while my son played with his toys.

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