Saturday, December 19, 2009

We have our visas (and I have a cold!!!)

Better than just knowing our visas are approved is actually having them in hand. Our passports were returned to us yesterday and we're cleared to live in the UK until October 2014. In all likelihood, Trevor's course will be complete in 2012. Meanwhile, the property market in London is still slow, which is great for us. More properties are listed every day and the one's we've flagged to look at haven't rented. We'll see if there's any holiday rush on those, though that'd be odd.

As soon as I got home from my trip, I came down with a cold. It's an interesting test for my new and improved nose. I feel stuffy, but not like my nostrils have grown shut. The surgery won't reach full effect for another week or two as my tissue continues to scar back. So far, though, so good, though I despise being sick. Especially head cold's. Those are the worst.

But I still have written my 2000 words a day. My book's well into its third act and the first draft of it is completely stupid. I look forward to the day when I can skip that step, but honestly, it may never come. When I know I've got to do something difficult, like a satisfying climax, I find it best to freewrite and then pick through the garbage I've freewritten. Then, from there, I structure the rest of my plot. I just find that works better than being structured the entire way through - what I think sounds good in my head sounds terrible on paper and it ends up all contrived and forced. We'll see if this turns out better.

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