Saturday, August 28, 2010

7:51 AM

This is the time someone decided to call us this morning. Perhaps they thought that because Trevor works on Saturdays, this would be appropriate. This person clearly does not know how to use a telephone, and yes, it is the same person who called us at 7 and then four more times before 8 on a Monday. This time they didn't even leave a message, so whatever their excuse was, apparently it wasn't pressing enough for that.

Trevor is going to make this person take our home telephone number out of the cell phone contacts. This is also a 3 day weekend, so Trevor wasn't at work. It was also the one day I actually was sleeping in, because I went back on my medication. And we have a SMALL CHILD!

Not the best way to start the day... Last time, when they called at 7, they explained they'd already been up for an hour and a half. It's too bad I went back on my medication, because I'm tempted to, on one of my insomniac nights, call at 5am and explain that I was up for an hour and a half already.

In a few days, I'll be more rested up and not quite so angry - well maybe not. I think I'll still think this person needs their head examined.

Meanwhile, my Etsy store is featured in the Paper Goods showcase today. That's located here:  I'm getting my scrapbooking store all stocked up. There is a giveaway item in the album pages section. Go check it out:


  1. I had someone phone my hubby at 6:30. I sent a collective email to all involved asking for a general acceptance that phone calls should be held until after 9 am. Passive aggressive...yes...but, effective.

  2. Sadly, since a direct request not to call at that hour wasn't followed, your approach would be too passive. Not sure what this person's problem is...