Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Facebook Ads

So, I had $25.00 free Facebook advertising that I've put towards my digital scrapbooking business on Etsy. I've set a limit of $5.00 a day and will run the ad for 5 days, and so far it's generated 16 hits. Very, very small time, I know, and only spending $5.00 a day isn't aggressive at all, but I'm just testing the system and using my free credit. If the timing were better, I'd wait until I had a full store before running the ad, but the free offer was about to expire.

But this means I am now in the sidebar as you surf Facebook, provided you've got something in your profile about being a new mother.

This is my first foray into paid advertising. Anyone else got any experience with Google or the other advertising services on the web?


  1. Love, love, love your digital scrapbook site on Etsy. Two Thumbs Up... Way Up!! I'm anxious to see your business expand since my days of having a newborn were over many, many moons ago and I'm now working on organizing old family photos. All good wishes for your success. -Diane

  2. Thanks, Diane! As I write this, I'm still after that elusive first sale, but I hope that will come as I continue to stock my shop.