Friday, August 6, 2010

A Most Improper Magick: Stephanie Burgis: Books

A Most Improper Magick: Stephanie Burgis: Books

Well, I wanted to link a nice little buy image for this, but since I am an associate for, not, I can't :-( My friend Stephanie's book is out in the UK! And my copy is on its way to me!

Stephanie Burgis and I were Clarion West classmates almost ten years ago (yes, we are getting old). She and I have both, since then, gotten married and moved to the UK, but not in the same order. She is married to another writer and another of our classmates, Patrick Samphire, who's short stories are disgusting and infuriating - if you're competing with him for space in the pro markets. I'm sure most readers would find them wonderful.

A Most Improper Magick is set in Regency England and has a tomboy protagonist. I am seriously looking forward to reading this. Stephanie's not only a good writer, but also a very thorough researcher. The magic stuff is all true!!! (Well, okay, no it's not, but the Regency era stuff is otherwise dead accurate.) has it in stock, Americans will either have to pay a ton of shipping or wait until the US version is out next year.

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