Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Writing as a temporary cure for insomnia

It worked for about a month there. I slept almost like a normal person (given most normal people short themselves on sleep a little). If I wasn't pregnant, I would have had plenty of sleep! As it is, I need more. But oh well. The sad thing is, my temporary cure is now up and my sleep cycle is deteriorating again. If only I could constantly be in the throes of writing a novel that came together fast and easy!

The thing is, this usually works the other way around. Creative energy goes up astronomically when you get enough sleep. The hardest part of insomnia from day to day is seeing the person I am when I get sleep, and knowing I'm not her right now. My jewelry business - I have enough energy to keep that running, but coming up with new designs every day for the fun of it, that energy just isn't there right now. It's almost like that was a different person and I keep having to remind myself that she'll be back.

This week I'm taking a break from novel writing and am working on ideas instead - which is something I used to not believe in. I used to think that was an excuse not to write, just to claim that I was "thinking about projects", but in truth, my projects do come together better and faster when I take time like this. And besides, after ten years of writing and about half a dozen novels, maybe I can let go of the fear that I'm a wannabe who can't sustain this in the long term. Maybe, just maaaaybe, I'll be okay if I take a day off now and then :-)

I've been querying Deseret Book about the novel they have, and the person I speak to has been responsive and helpful. Unfortunately, the person they need to check with was out of the office last week (and I should have known that, there was a big booksellers convention). I also need to get some short stories back in circulation, now that I have my computer back (yay!)

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