Monday, November 21, 2011

The Dragon and the Stars wins the Aurora Award!

Mega-congrats to the editors of this anthology, Derwin Mak and Eric Choi. I just heard the news that The Dragon and the Stars won the Aurora Award for Best Related Work!!!

It's really been an honor to participate in this anthology, and what's been incredible has been how well the editors have promoted it. You see, what usually happens to an anthology is that 1) if you're lucky, you get in 2) the anthology is published and launched 3) you maybe hear about it again during awards season, if a story gets nominated, say.

In this case it was more like 1) I got accepted, which was very, very cool as I don't write much about my half-Chinese-ness 2) the anthology was published with its usual burst of sales at the outset 3) Derwin and Eric kept moving copies. After they sold out at the launch, they continued their work so that it was one of the best selling paperbacks in science fiction bookstore venues in Canada. And then the Aurora Award nomination, and then a win, and the anthology is still going strong.

I highly recommend it - and no, not because I'm in it. It's a great mix of stories from those of us science fiction and fantasy writers who are also part of the Chinese diaspora. And now it's an award winning anthology!


  1. Congratulations, both to Derwin and Eric, and to you, too! I agree, it's a great mix of stories, fascinating and entertaining.

  2. Thanks Melanie! I've got a picture of the editors accepting the award that I'll try to post here later.