Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My interview of Daniel Abraham is up on Black Gate

My blogpost for today is actually one I posted on Black Gate. I interviewed author (and former writer's groupmate of mine) Daniel Abraham, who also writes under the names MLN Hanover and James SA Corey. Here's an excerpt from that interview:
In high school, if I recall this correctly, you joined a mentorship program that was run through the Albuquerque Public Schools, and you said you wanted to be a writer. Can you share what happened next?
It turned out that Fred Saberhagen’s kid had been through the mentorship program too, and he felt like it was the right thing to do to give back to the community.  Meaning, in this case, me.  I wasn’t the only one.  Two of my other friends went to work with him too, but mine was the better experience.  Every Saturday for a school year, my mother would drive me up to Fred’s house, and I’d go show him what I was writing.  He’d tell me what I was doing wrong, and I’d go back and try again.  It was brilliant.
Can you imagine? I love Albuquerque - technically a city with a diverse population, but in many ways still a small town, there's so much inter-connection. To read the rest: http://www.blackgate.com/2011/11/22/ten-questions-for-daniel-abraham/


  1. Cool interview! Interviews are cool. Bowties are cool. Fezes are also cool. Accordions? Not so much.

    Despite that, I liked reading this. I absolutely loved reading Leviathan Wakes and I'm really looking forward to the sequel. If I ever get the chance I'll also read more of Daniel's work. Maybe even the MLN Hanover books. *g*

  2. Daniel's got disgustingly beautiful prose and a firm command of the language I've always admired. I'd recommend any of his books without hesitation. (But don't tell him you don't like his accordion. I just can't see him ever wearing a fez.)