Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Root is free on Kindle this week!

Beulah has the worst luck with computers. At college, they lose her housing assignment, her class registration, and assign her the wrong email address. When they lose her final exam grade, though, she nearly loses her scholarship. It doesn't help that, while trying to fix this problem, she begins to hallucinate a little foxlike demon who enjoys screwing up her files. But then again, it may not be a hallucination after all.

My short story, Root, is free on Amazon from now until Saturday. I originally wrote this story in the hopes of getting into The Coyote Road. The editor of that anthology, Ellen Datlow, didn't buy the piece, but she was very complementary about it, so I submitted it around until it sold to Shiny, a now defunct YA science fiction magazine in Australia.

Below are the US and UK links - other fans (Melanie), may need other sites. I'm not an associate with the other Amazon sites, but it will be there on Amazon.de, Amazon.it, Amazon.fr, and Amazon.es. I find searching "Root Mah" works best.


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    1. Hope you like it! I keep meaning to ask, are Indian Amazon accounts on Amazon.com?

      Also, thanks for the Triberr links. I sent one to an author who's tried once to join the tribe. It should work this time.

  2. My Kindle is attuned to the amazon US site, because that's where I can get the most book samples, so I got it from there, and didn't check any other amazon sites. Very entertaining! I wish I could "see" computer programming like that. And I liked Beulah's development, too, as shown by both her clothing and her attitude. Thanks!

    1. Hi Melanie! You're like me, then. I've kept my US Amazon account, because we are, in theory, moving back there someday.

    2. Oh, and I'm glad you liked the story. Sorry, scatterbrained!