Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Best of Modern Arabian Fantasy: C.A. Suleiman

I'm having one of those weeks where life is literally nonstop, so some of these blogposts are going to be a little late. On Saturday, my latest blogpost appeared on Black Gate, an interview of C.A. Suleiman for the Best of Modern Arabian Fantasy. Those of you who are my friends on FB will have seen him mocking my name as he announced it going live ;-)

Who is C.A. Suleiman, you ask? Well his first name is Colin, actually, and although his avatars are a lion on Google and a mummy on Facebook, he claims to be neither. I tried to verify this at the Nebula Awards weekend, but he was never anywhere to be found (a cell phone that worked in the US would no doubt have been handy). In his own words he describes himself thusly:
I’m a musician, writer, and game designer. I was born in Ohio, but moved to the D.C. area at an early age, and have lived there (but for a few short stints) ever since.

As a writer, I got my start in creative game design, and have written or co-written scores of books for games like Dungeons & Dragons, the Supernatural roleplaying game, and Vampire: The Masquerade. I co-authored the latest edition of the latter — Vampire: The Requiem — as well as several key supplements.

I was the steward and line developer for the first fantasy campaign setting, Dave Arneon’s Blackmoor, until its legendary creator’s death in 2009. I’m currently at work on my first novel-for-hire, which should be out by year’s end (and announced within the next month or so, I imagine).

I’ve also worked on board games and card games, and have contributed articles to various gaming and horror magazines, including The Unspeakable Oath (a magazine devoted to the Cthulhu Mythos).

My Middle Eastern-influenced rock band — Toll Carom — can be found online and on Facebook, where its second album is forthcoming.
He is the first (but not the last) Arab American I've interviewed for the series. Read the rest of his interview here.

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