Friday, June 15, 2012

The Indie Experiment: More on Foreign Language Editions

It's been a crazy, crazy week. My parents were out to visit for part of it, but I only really remember that as a blur. They were wonderful about watching my boys, and I'd hoped for more writing time, but life conspired against me there. Nevertheless, I am still on target to ship my current novel to Kirkus July 2nd. But I have other more important news to announce: My first short story in Spanish is now available! Root, translated by Beatriz Peña, owner and creator of Hamaca Books, it is now available on Amazon and Hamaca Books! I'll make it available on Barnes and Noble and Smashwords this weekend.

And Michael Drecker, who's translated three of my short stories into German, helped publicize a free promotion of Kojote Entdeckt Mars und andere Geschichten, yesterday. It was far more successful than I would have imagined. We made it to the top twenty free books on, so I'm very grateful for all the wonderful fans who downloaded. I hope they enjoy the book.

I type this while completely wiped out. Off to sleep now!

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