Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Passing on the good news: Patrick Samphire's novel has sold!!!

I know I've been very patchy about blogging. My indie writer alter ego has taken up much more of my life than I anticipated, what with her selling books and weird stuff like that. Not something I'm used to ;-)

But sometimes you hear news too good to not blog about. Patrick Samphire, another of my Clarion West classmates, has sold a novel to an imprint of MacMillan. He describes his book, entitled Secrets of the Dragon Tomb, thusly in his blog post:
It's steampunk! It's a thrilling adventure! It's set in the Regency. On Mars. It's full of despicable villains, deadly clockwork machines, unlikely spies, and terrible peril. And it has pterodactyls. Of course.
Basically, if it has Patrick Samphire's name on it, I know I'm going to like it. Those of you who knew me at Clarion West might recall me and Patrick getting into several fights and generally irritating each other - but even then I would've told you he's a great writer (even if Connie Willis had to tell me off for being too rude to him in a critique - true story). Eleven years later, with time to catch up on some much needed sleep and unwind from the intense stress, I'm very happy to count Patrick as a friend. His son even sent me a text the other day (not sure if Patrick knows that. I assume it was his son and not Patrick sending me blank texts.)

If you didn't catch the first two times I linked to his blog announcement in this post, you can click on this link to get there.

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