Friday, October 25, 2013

This is how cool George RR Martin is

I know, I know, it's been forever since I've blogged here. Life has been crazy - as usual.

My cousin was recently diagnosed with cancer and has been enduring treatment. To lift her spirits, the rest of us Mah cousins bought little plastic red dragons and took pictures of them various places. The original idea was to get one dragon and pass it around, but since we live all over the continental US, multiple dragons made more sense. We just all got the same one, and we used a dragon because my cousin was born in the year of the dragon (anyone who knows Chinese might wonder why we didn't use a horse, given our last name is Mah :-)

Well our dragon had some fun adventures and came with me to an author event in Denton, Texas where it met Colleen Hoover. Then it disappeared, and we couldn't find it in our house, until one day when my husband turned on our stove and the dragon, which had been stashed in the broiler by two very small people who know who they are, melted to sludge. I had intended to have George and some of my other author friends take pictures with the dragon. My cousin is a Game of Thrones fan.

So, when I was up in Colorado, visiting my sister, I got her dragon - which had it's face half chewed off by their dog, but never mind. It was in much better condition than my dragon. I got this dragon back home without incident and emailed George to ask if he'd have his picture taken with it.

He agreed. He even let me stop by his house, and we took this picture:

Wasn't that cool of George? The final CD of dragon images will go to my cousin in time for her party to celebrate the end of her treatment. I think I win the prize for the picture most appreciated by geeks.

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